Big Fat Hyena

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Big Fat Hyenas Beyond This Point

Big Fat Hyenas Beyond This Point


Hey there! I'm Khato, and I'm an artist. Sometimes, I like to draw really fat animals. So if you're not into fat animals, like Benny on the left there, you're probably in the wrong place! It's not for everyone, I know. It's why it's on this part of the site, and not the main part! Not all hyenas are fat, so if you're looking for strictly non-fat hyenas, go back here!

What I Do

I'm gonna assume everyone left knows the drill here. I draw, write, and sometimes animate fat furry stuff. I can be commissioned, and I have a large gallery of cool stuff you can look at! I hope you find something to your tastes there. I experiment with a wide variety of mediums, so I may put up more things later!

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