Big Fat Hyena

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Sweet Prince Benebit

Species: Striped Hyena
Age: ∩¦¦¦¦|
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"

The son of an apiarist in Ancient Egypt, cursed with the midas tongue, anything Benebit eats will irrevocably transform into honey (most of the time). He doesn't care about this, and will continually eat until there is nothing left of the entire world. He is decadent, and without morals or a conscience. He does not often speak, and if he does it's in Egyptian, or by vague gesticulation. No matter what, or who, ends up in his mouth, he will consume it.

Benebit will get bigger, and as long as there is matter existing in the universe, he will eat, regardless of the consequences. He is under the protection of Apophis/Apep, the personification of the ultimate chaos and the destroyer of Ma'at, so even if he is in deep space, he will never suffer any discomfort.

Benny, when he's happy and contented, is capable of being sweet and gentle, but his every whim needs to be fulfilled, or he will start eating people. On his own, he is actually quite weak - a diet of honey and sitting around does very little for his muscle mass. If it is the will of Apep things might go wrong in just the right way for Benebit to have an easier time eating someone.

Apart from his constant gorging, Benebit enjoys jewelry, magic, and music. He ensures he is surrounded by people who entertain him, and if they cannot entertain him, he eats them, so at least he can get something out of their presence.

Benebit's Comfort Zone:

Weight Gain
Make him fatter than the universe, idc.
Eh? Maybe honey?
Benny will eat you. Probably.
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