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Jakob Theodore Sitz-Harbetner

Species: Behemoth
Age: Teenager
Gender: Boy
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 350lbs

A terminally lazy, spoiled brat, Jakob will do anything to get out of work, and get to doing the things he loves - namely eating a lot and sitting on his ass playing video games. He uses his parent's not inconsiderable funds, and unwitting bystanders, to do this. Though he is a monster - indestructible and impervious to disease and damage, he is also a big baby and will not stand for getting hurt.

Jakob does get bigger - either through just growing up into more of a monster, or eating himself big. He doesn't care about his weight, other than it giving him more of an advantage staying put.

Jakob's parents, Rebekah and Isaak, own a hotel (aptly named The Sitz), and are incredibly busy most of the time, letting their son do whatever he wants and buying him gifts to make up for their continual absense. He sometimes works as a bellboy for them for extra pocket money, but has yet to actually do a day's work in his life, so his job is mostly just wearing the outfit and sitting around.

Jakob is also foolhardy and impetuous, taking on any dare or bet he can (especially if it involves eating a lot) for the attention. He loves being called cool or being complimented, and it very often goes to his head. He would be a class clown if he weren't so lazy. Despite this, apart from the ego rush when he's paid attention to, Jakob has very little interest in other people and what they think. So long as the focus is on him, good or bad, he's happy. He can't be embarrassed or humiliated.

Jakob also has several habits that he has never grown out of. He always wears his baseball cap - no matter what situation he's in or how few clothes he has on, if he's awake, he wears it. The only times he doesn't are when he's asleep or if he's completely incapable of wearing it. He also occasionally sucks on a pacifier if he doesn't have immediate access to food. He always wants something in his mouth, and nobody has yet dared to tell him not to do it.

Jakob's Comfort Zone:

Weight Gain
Jakob is very likely to get fat as hell. Feed him up!
Maybe if it's blueberry or soda inflation. Something heavy.
Jakob would never dream of eating a person.
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